The National Panasonic JB-3000

The National Panasonic JB-3000

The National Panasonic JB-3000 or also known as the “Matsushita MyBrain 3000” from 1982 is a bit of an odd duck of a vintage computers. You can find some information about it, but not as much like for other vintage computers.

  • Type Panasonic JB-3001E
  • Manufacturer Matsushita | Panasonic
  • Origin Japan
  • Serial 006089
  • Processor Intel 8088 @ 4.77MHz
  • Architecture 16 Bits system
  • Address bus 20 Bits
  • 96K RAM build-in of which 32K dedicated for video memory, fully expandable to 256K in total
  • Additional RAM JB-3001-04 module of 128K
  • 16K ROM build-in
  • 2x PROMs Mitsubishi MSL2764K (64K) PROMs
    • 1x JB-3000 PMPU PROM with “75” written on it in slot #7
    • 1x JB-3000 PMPU PROM with “A60” written on it in slot #6
  • Supporting Operating Systems MS-DOS, CP/M-86 compatible, BASIC A, BASIC-86, compiled BASIC, Cobol, Fortran, and Pascal.
  • Color output 320×200 resolution with 8 colours
  • Monochrome output 640×400/ 640×400 Text and graphics can be mixed
  • Display output is 80×25 or 40×25 when using double-size characters
  • Optional ports RS-232C and IEEE488
  • Build-in port for a printer
  • The keyboard has 16 programmable functions!
  • Sound output is a single voice with 7 octave
  • Disk drive is a 5.25″ dual floppy drive system, originally it had an 8″ dual floppy drive system



The keyboard (Azerty FR)

The 128KB memory Expansion module

The 5.25″ disk controller card

The JB-3034 5.25″ disk controller drive

The JB-3062 : CRT monitor

The JB-3001 : Logic Controller Unit


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