Who am I?

The whom, the what, the where?

I am Laurens Gregoir a.k.a. Don Zalmrol, born in Ghent on the 31st of December 1987.

From a young age I was interested in electronics and played around with a lot of Velleman kits. From there on I’ve switched over to DIY kits and from scrap designs as you can see on my projects page.

Around 2012 I’ve started a bigger project together with my father (Paul Gregoir) for brewing our beer. My father used to brew beer himself when he was young and from there on out we’ve started doing it again and before we knew things escalated and we’ve build a HERMS installation for a complete and clean brewing installation.

Besides my projects I like to go jogging, beer brewing, hanging out with family & friends, and enjoying life.

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