MGB Roadster

MGB Roadster

This is my MGB Roadster Mark III from 1975.

This version was made for the American market, but because many of the features where liked by European continent as well, it became quite popular.

One of it differences were the improved heater, better lighting, LHD.

To comply with the lighting, British Leyland just changed the suspension on the car and thus the height of the car changed by +25 cm. The disadvantage it brought with it was that steering was a little bit worse then on the regular UK version.

They also installed an emission regulator, because of this the performance of the car dropped and it became sluggish to drive with if you wished for performance. Overall it’s really a neat car to drive with during the whole year!

Drove it mostly during my college years, even during winter. The car performed excellent for it’s age.

Happy and less happy occurrences

  • Ceremonial car for our Wedding
  • Trip to France (Normandy tour)
  • Trip to the UK (Codswolds tour)
  • Trip to Germany (Moselle tour)
  • Starter broke down, friends had to push
  • Electric short (new cabling installed) in the steering column
  • Ran out of fuel in a tunnel…
  • Broken alternator (installed a new one)

Things that were revised/upgraded over the years:

  • New MGB Twin SU HS4 Carburetor set
  • New alternator
  • New battery
  • New belts
  • New fuel pump
  • New starter
  • New electronic ignition system
  • New rims and tyres
  • Extra signallights
  • New headlights
  • Electric cooling fan with temperature control
  • Revised gearbox
  • Engine cleaned, new rings, seals and the cylinder heads were resurfaced
  • Revised electrics (new cables everywhere, extra fuses, upgraded the 12V to 10V stabilizer for the meters)
  • Fixed some rusting and had new (matching) paint on it


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