Set up Xeams clustering

Set up Xeams clustering


With Xeams you can have 1 or more secondary servers connected to your mail server.

To do so you need the following prerequisites:

  • 2 Xeams servers running at least version 5.3.x
  • Preferably the servers have the same settings and version, with exception on IP’s
  • Two MX records
  • A valid mail server
  • Mail and server skills (intermediate)

How To


  1. Go to Cluster management (Home -> Cluster management)
  2. Select the role for your main Xeams as primary
  3. Click on save
  4. Enter the IP address of the secondary with the portnumber i.e
  5. Click on add
  6. Now go to your secondary server


  1. Go again to Cluster management (Home -> Cluster management)
  2. This time select the secondary role for your backup Xeams server
  3. Click on save
  4. Enter the IP address of the primary i.e.
  5. Click on add
  6. Go back to your primary server

How to sync

  1. On the master server go to Filter management -> IP Filters -> Country filtering (or any other filtering option under filter management)
  2. Select a country that you wish to block and add a score
    1. i.e. Afghanistan with a score of 5000
  3. This action will push all filter settings to the slave server. Some settings aren’t covered as they server independent i.e. DKIM, server configuration, honey pots, etc…

How to check sync is working?

Go to the primary/secondary cluster tabs and it should now show like this



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