Install Xeams on Debian

Install Xeams on Debian


This is quite simple. Just follow the guide from Xeams themselves and you will be able to get it up and running in no time. Below is an excerpt I use to set up my own

How to

  1. Install the latest Debian (x64) on your server
  2. Set up your ethernet interface(s)
  3. Make sure everything is upgraded and updated
  4. Download the Xeams installer by using wget
    sudo wget
  5. Extract the tar file
    sudo tar -xf XeamsLinux.tar
  6. Change the script to be executable
    sudo chmod +x
  7. Run the installer
    sudo ./
  8. Change the memory if desired
    sudo nano /opt/Xeams/
    jre/bin/java -server -Xmx4096m
  9. Open your browser and surf to your server’s ipaddress i.e
  10. Follow the first-run setup
  11. Check for Xeams updates


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