Script to start and stop Microsoft Direct Access when needed


With COVID-19 (Corona) the need to work from home/ remote is needed more then ever. We were lucky to have a decent setup in the company I work for to support over 350 users to work remote without any major issues.

Besides our trusty MAG we have Direct Access (DA) running for our users. Some users need to connect to certain customers their VPNs and it seems that these don't play nicely with DA.

So after some searching on how you can disable DA safely and keep it turned off when you would for example disconnect your network or other VPN I've created the below script.



The script gives you a status of the service and two options:

  1. Stop Direct Access
  2. Start Direct Access

When you click on stop DA it stops the following service:

Stop-Service iphlpsvc -Force

To start it again it start the following services as they have a dependency on the stopped service "iphlpsvc":

Start-Service NcaSvc
Start-Service iphlpsvc
Start-Service NcaSvc

You only need admin rights on your computer to stop the services and simply run it from powershell.


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