HERMS Beer Brewing Installation

HERMS stands for Heat Exchanged Recirculating Mash System.

The biggest project to date that I've designed & build with my father.
We are both fond of home brewing and to take up to the next level, we've created a HERMS installation that would allow us to make beer in larger quantities in a better …

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12AU7-6CG7 Headphone amplifier

This is my DIY build headset class-A tube amplifier that uses an OTL (Output Transformer Less) and MU follower design.

The amplification is around 25dB with the 6CG7 valves, but you can also 6FQ7 for a little higher amplification. The downside of this is however that 6FQ7 doesn't have an electrosta…

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MGB Roadster

This is my MGB RoadsterĀ Mark III from 1975.

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