Chernobyl visit with Arduino Geiger counter

Perhaps an odd project for my site but with some friends we visited the Chernobyl exclusion zone, small town of Zalyssa, city of Pripyat (Get out of here Stalker), Chernobyl (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin) nuclear power plant and Duga 3 Over The Horizon (OTH) Radar installation receiver.

Alongside a certif…

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Teddy Asimov Robot

This was a graduation project during my college years. We've chosen to build a robot using the EZ-B controller board which is programmable with C# or visual basic.

It used a simple radar set up with a wireless camera that worked with facial recognition.
You could also give it voice commands and it …

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Philips B6X12A valve radio

This is my postwar Philips B6X12A valve radio from 1962. The amplifier is designed in such a way you bi-amplify effect.Bi-amplify is just separating your high tones from your low tones and running them through their own separate amplifier.


  • Country of origin: The Netherlands
  • Buil…

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