Teddy Asimov Robot

This was a graduation project during my college years. We've chosen to build a robot using the EZ-B controller board which is programmable with C# or visual basic.

It used a simple radar set up with a wireless camera that worked with facial recognition.
You could also give it voice commands and it …

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Philips B6X12A valve radio

This is my postwar Philips B6X12A valve radio from 1962. The amplifier is designed in such a way you bi-amplify effect.Bi-amplify is just separating your high tones from your low tones and running them through their own separate amplifier.


  • Country of origin: The Netherlands
  • Buil…

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Seeburg M100A

The Seeburg M100A was the first in it's kind that allowed you to insert and play 100 selection (50 records with 2 sides). Other systems at that time only allowed you to insert around 20~30 records.

This was all possible due the rail system that Seeburg used for this jukebox, since the records were no…

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