Update your VW GPS

Update your VW GPS

This is actually quite easy to do. You only need the following programs

  • Win32diskimager
  • Powershell
  • 7-Zip
  • Your favorite internet browser for downloading the update
  • Your Volkswagen GPS SD card

PS: I am in no way liable, responsible for you/ they damaging your working GPS. This is merely the way I've followed from Here and found on my own.

In other words, this is on your own risk!

  1. Download Win32diskimager and install it on your computer
  2. Create a backup of your original SD card that you've received with your VW car using Win32diskimager!!!
  3. In the meantime download the correct GPS update from the Here website (depending on your version Media, Pro or PQ this can take a while)
  4. Extract the download to your folder choice using 7-Zip
  5. Change the SD card from the "lock" position to unlock
  6. Format your SDCard with Windows:
    1. Quick format
    2. Fat32
    3. Default Allocation Size

  7. Now open powershell ISE (for easier editing) and enter the following commands:

    robocopy.exe "LocationOfYourGPSUpdateFile" "PathOfYourSDCard" /xf YourMD5Checksum.md5  /w:1 /r:1 /mir /mt:32 /np /log:"YourLogPath"

  8. Options explained
    1. Robocopy is a Windows commandlet that has great possibilities when it comes to copying files
    2. LocationOfYourGPSUpdateFile is where you have extracted your download (e.g. "C:\temp\downloadUpdate")
    3. PathOfYourSDCard is the location of your VW SDCard (e.g. "I:\")
    4. /w:1 wait only 1 second
    5. /r:1 retry only once
    6. /xf YourMD5Checksum.md5 will exclude the md5 checksum (not needed as far as I know, e.g. "P67_N60S3MIBS2_EU_NT.md5")
    7. /mir will mirror copy everything from your SOURCE to your DESTINATION path
    8. /mt:32 will use threading to speed up the copy
    9. /np is the no-progress option to lower the log output
    10. /log:"YourLogPath" is the location of your log to view what has happened (e.g. "C:\temp\copy.log")

  9. Check your log if the copy has succeeded, if not, then contact Here or your VW dealer for support
  10. Safely remove your SD card and put it back in the lock position
  11. Insert the updated SD into your slot 2 (depending on your model reqs) of your VW car and start the engine
  12. Wait for your GPS to find the updated files and let it initialize itself