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Set up PiHole on Debian within a Windows domain

Since ads are bothering me more and more, and if you feel the same like me you can look into installing PiHole on a Debian server (or RaspberryPi, whatever...).

This setup includes Easylist functionality!

The following is my PiHole setup:


In my domain there are two domain servers. The upstre…

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Powershell Robocopy backup script

I was looking for ways to backup my photos from my NAS to my homemade backup server so in the event the NAS stops working I would still have the latest files.

After some searching for free ways to do this I used robocopy and powershell to create the following script you can freely download the late…

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Install certificates on ESXI

Word of warning, be carefull when doing this, reverting is not that easy and can result in a non-accessible ESXI server!

What you need is the following:

  • ESXI 6.5
  • WinSCP
  • Enable SSH
  • Your cerficate exported to PEM that includes your private key and your certificate
  • Your friendly DNS name e.g. e…

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