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No more ads and enhanced security with pfBlockerNG for pfSense

pfBlockerNG provides in addition to your existing FW rules an inbound and outbound filtering against:

  • commercial ads
  • malicious sites
  • cryptominers
  • trackers
  • botnet viruses
  • ...

And is very easy to maintain and set up.

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pfSense DNS Resolver with DNSSEC for Windows domains

DNSSEC is simply DNS-Secured that uses DNS over TLS to encrypt your DNS requests. This option will prevent that other parties will able to view the contents of your DNS requests.

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ZoneMinder installation with Debian

I was doubting between purchasing a Network Video Recorder (NVS) and setting up an old server with ZoneMinder.

Guess what it became... ;)


Server hardware:

  • Dell PowerEdge R310 1U server (2010 version)
  • OS disks (300GB usable)
    • 2x 300GB Dell HGST Ultrastar 15K600 (SAS 6Gbps)
    • RAID 1
    • Write-T…
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